Advanced Wellness for Organizations

Yoga Angel’s team of professionals, are experts in their respective fields, who deliver an effective and informative presentation. We have offered Corporate Wellness Programs to clients such as United Nations, Sagicor Corporation, Scotiabank, Jamaica Money Market Brokers, Spanish Court Hotel, Gymkhana Fitness Centre, and many more. Register at www.YogaAngels.net

We work with corporations to get the most from their employees, both mentally and physically, by working diligently with each staff member to discover their power within. This self - empowerment process produces transformations resulting in an extraordinary work environment. Employees are capable of managing high volumes of stress with an approach of ease, and inter-personal relationships from a place of harmony, resulting in less sick days and better colleague interactions.

Yoga Angels

Benefits of our Program

Our power point presentations, interactive seminars and classes, feature yoga, fitness, healthy eating, meditation and breath work. We will give information and resources on how to heal back and head-aches, stiff necks, tight shoulders, hip and knee pain, spinal realignment and much more.

Your group will experience how to use their natural work environment as tools and props to aid their Health and wellness, while enjoying a challenging and stimulating exercise regimen. The office environment will not be seen from the same perspective again.

Our Corporate Wellness Program is flexible and can be tailored to accommodate your specific needs at an affordable rate. Yoga Angels also offers a weekly staff program featuring yoga and or fitness classes, as the way forward for your employees to continue with a consistent wellness practice. Contact us at info@yogaangels.com or visit our online scheduling store at www.YogaAngels.net

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