SUBHADRA-ERYT 500 is the founder of Yoga Angels Intl.

Twenty one years of studentship, Subhadra teaches children and adults classes, workshops and teacher trainings internationally. She currently trains and certify aspiring yoga teachers through Yoga Angels International, a Yoga Alliance registered school and teaches with the City of Beverly Hills schools bringing Yoga to adults and children.

Subhadra’s studies began at the BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles. She taught yoga for adults and children at Yoga Works for several years and have completed Yoga Works training with Maty Eratz and Lisa Walford. Her infectious open spirit has broaden her studies in vinyasana, ashtanga, kundalini, bhakti, and metaphysics. Her recent trip to India to sit with her beloved guru BKS Iyengar before his transcendence has been the highlight of her spiritual journey.

Grateful for her knowledge from multiple master teachers her unique teaching style can only be called Subhadrical! A yoga teacher, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and youth activist, she is a passionate educator and loving mother of four beautiful children aged 11-26.

A trailblazer, Subhadra finds fun ways to inspire and empower throughout the schools and communities in United States, Europe and the Caribbean.

A dedicated and loving teacher, Subhadra uses her energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to engage her students. Subhadra has served at-risk children with the belief that yoga can play an important part in creating self-esteem, courage and physical and mental health for kids of all ages. She is a passionate educator who quietly finds fun ways to inspire and empower while sharing the gift of yoga around the world.

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