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The Power of Yoga During This Pandemic

The modern world has changed human living from a nature bound, substantial living to a more stressful one with advanced technology, car notes, mortgages bills, tuition and let’s not forget, this pandemic! Over the past two years we’ve endured illness, loss, grief, lockdowns, and social distancing in an already stressful world. However, one constant solution has been the use of yoga as a release. The power of yoga during this pandemic cannot be denied, here’s why: 

A weapon to fight stress and anxiety

The different elements of this modern world have tied us to anxiety and stress in aiming for perfection to acquire competitive advantage. The pandemic is one such element that has caused stress for people by taking away their loved ones, their sense of relief through lockdowns, their finances, among many other things. Stress degenerates our mental and physical health and limits our productivity. So, it is very important to take the necessary steps needed to cope with and hopefully eliminate anxiety and stress.

Using breathing techniques to balance your body, mind and soul may be the secret to liberating yourself from daily stress.

Practicing yoga regularly trains your mind to respond to stress differently and thus decreases stress hormones. You will then find that your psyche has improved, and your quality of life ameliorated.

Some of the postures you can use to help you relieve stress are Sukh-asana, Uttan-asana, and Vajr-asana. 

Yoga boosts the immune system

According to The National Library of Medicine, “yoga practices could provide much needed body immunity and could assure a disease-free homeostatic state for the body.” It is widely believed that yoga could help to fight the coronavirus as yoga boosts the immune system.

To boost our immunity, it is essential to balance our hormones. Individuals with high immunity recover from Covid-19 much faster than those with weaker immune systems as yoga helps to release toxins from the body. Get off your couch and get active with yoga. Your immune system will thank you for it!

Yoga aids loneliness

Along with building immunity, practicing yoga helps us to handle physical and emotional issues that may arise due to quarantine measures. Yoga aids in keeping our well-being and any form of anxiety in check. Yoga online classes have made yoga easily accessible which in turn makes it easier for you to have access to an avenue that’ll keep you from being lonely and your anxiety in check.

Yoga teacher’s training has also been a solution to people who have lost their jobs. It has provided an avenue for not only finances but also for socialization.  Instead of staying isolated, you can join our upcoming yoga teachers training by clicking this link https://social.yogaangels.com/ytt200hr

When all is said and done, one of the most powerful tools we can use to get through the pandemic is yoga! Practicing yoga could very well be the next best thing to help you fight the emotional and physical challenges during this pandemic.

If you’re interested in learning how to use yoga to help you maneuver through the Covid-19 pandemic, please reach out to us and we will be overjoyed to assist you!