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7 Great Reasons to Start Yoga Today!

Have you ever wondered why the ancient practice of yoga is still being practiced today Its because yoga is a complete mind body experience with many benefits Not to mention that the options are endless making yoga relatable and doable for any and everyone Do you want to allow yoga to speak for itself in your life Join us in learning about the benefits of yoga<br><br><strong>Here are 7 great reasons to start yoga today<strong><br>

Yoga is the best stress reliever

The practice of yoga helps us to combine physical and mental disciplines. This helps us to gain a sense of serenity in our minds and bodies. Thus, helping to relax and learn how to manage stress and anxiety. Research shows that practicing yoga can reduce stress levels, reduce anxiety, and lower blood pressure.

Yoga is a great workout

Although yoga is not heart pumping cardio, it’s one of the best ways to get your exercise in. Yoga is also an excellent way to lose weight especially for middle-aged to older individuals. The poses will help to improve your flexibility, balance, motion, and strength. 

Yoga is excellent strength training

Strength training in yoga exhibits in the form of bodyweight training. The more physical poses in yoga will allow you to engage your arms and cores. Research has shown that the effectiveness of bodyweight training is the same as weight training in yoga. This simply means that yoga is excellent for gaining muscle mass and leaning fat.

Yoga increases sharpness of mind

Practicing yoga is an excellent way to increase your blood circulation and improve your oxygen flow. In doing so, yoga also helps to boost our brain function and our reaction time. Do you see how yoga will help your mind to achieve its full potential? It will make you more positive and less stressed.  

Yoga can ease your pain

Believe it or not, the antidote to the pain in your body may be yoga! Yoga is known to heal physical ailments in the body. According to Harvard Medical School, practicing yoga can help to relieve chronic pain.

Yoga can help you sleep

Forget the sleeping pills and playing rain sounds! Yoga naturally helps to put your body in a relaxing mood and this aids in putting you to sleep at bedtime. The practice has helped many people who suffer from insomnia.

Increases sex drive

Ready to turn up the heat in your bedroom? You might want to sign up for yoga classes! By reducing stress and fatigue, yoga helps the human body to relax. Yoga also helps your body image to improve, boosting your confidence in your naked image. By doing these things, yoga is known to increase sexual satisfaction and sexual performance. 

It is safe to say that yoga is beneficial to our mind and bodies in numerous ways. Yoga has the capability to relieve your stress, sharpen your mind, help you sleep better among many other benefits.

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