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7 Reasons to Do Yoga Teacher Training

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If you’re currently reading this, you more than likely have the idea of embarking on the journey of taking yoga teacher training bouncing around in your thoughts. It naturally happens to yogis once they elevate in their physical practice.

To be quite frank, teaching isn’t for everyone. So, do you think you should take yoga teacher training even if you don’t plan on teaching it? The undiluted truth is a simple YES! Here are 7 authentic reasons for you to take yoga teacher training, even if you will never teach yoga!

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Learn Healthy Alignment

As time progresses and we have become advanced as yoga practitioners, we come to learn the correct way of alignment in poses. Eventually, these become second nature to us as we continue practicing. Additionally, learning the principles of alignment can be extremely supportive in your daily life!  It allows the mind and the body to connect which leads to reducing inflammation and helps us to cope with mental and physical pain. Outside of practicing yoga, you will start to notice changes in your body throughout the day. For example, your posture will change, your coping mechanism with stress and anxiety will reconstruct, and there will be a tremendous increase in your confidence.

Cope with Stress and Anxiety

We can’t escape the stresses that come with life but here’s a solution: Yoga! A major reason to sign up for yoga teacher training is to learn stress management techniques. This occurs through us learning concepts of mindfulness and meditation. Meditation and mindfulness are practices that were created to change the neutral pathways in the brain with the intention to decrease suffering and increase peace and contentment.

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Boost Your Confidence

Commencing on a yoga teacher training journey will essentially give you a boost of confidence! At first, like any other path in life, you will have hints of uncertainty and doubt. The training will test you mentally, however, your voice will be strengthened as well as your beliefs, and your sense of self. At the end, you will rise up more confident than ever before in your actions, words, and thoughts.

Discover Your Strength

Yoga teacher training will test your strength in many ways (physically, emotionally, mentally). The insecurities and stress that comes with life will now be dealt with in a much calmer way. Practicing yoga will show you how strong you really are. As adults, we face a variety of issues which may include but are not limited to: financial, medical, social, emotional issues. Yoga helps us to prepare for these problems by teaching us how to use our strength to deal with them. Those who practice yoga find that they become less bothered by frustrations that occur daily. As a result, the larger challenges that life gives us becomes easier to maneuver. Yoga helps us to create inner peace and confidence that aids us mentally and gives us the will to overcome life’s challenges. This peace and strength makes partaking in yoga teacher training worthwhile.

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Find Your Voice

Finding your voice? You may be one of those persons who have already found your voice. However, even if you’ve already found it, exploring yoga will help you find authenticity when you speak both in your personal life and when teaching classes. You will learn and accept that not everything you say in life will be accepted by everyone. You are unique, and that’s what yoga is: an epitome of uniqueness! 

Form Lasting Connections

When you embark on this yoga training journey, the people you meet will become your family. Experiencing the same things, learning the same lessons, surviving the same fears and facing the same insecurities helps to build bonds. Yes, it is natural for some persons to leave your life forever but some of the connections that are made during yoga teacher training will be lifetime friendships!

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Transform Your Life

All of the previously mentioned reasons to partake in yoga teacher training definitely contribute to an overall transformation of the self. Introducing new concepts to our knowledge forces us to reevaluate behavior and thought patterns that may not truly align with the person we are internally. It’s not the yoga teacher trying to change you, it’s a transformation that emits from the depths of our being. Yoga teacher training takes us closer to the person we truly are!

We can all agree that yoga is beneficial to the mind and body in numerous ways. Yoga has the capability to transform your life physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. This transformation can also flow over into our finances and social life through clarity in our thoughts and actions. If you want to transform your life and benefit from yoga teacher training, join us in our upcoming 200 hour training, approved by Yoga Alliance. Increase your strength, knowledge, self practice, and teaching skills. 

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