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We are on this journey of life and we are never alone. Recognizing that from the beginning there was someone who assisted us to enter this earth is our first sign of family with an extended community we are born into. YA love community building and structure its entire program to feed into the community. We encourage each teacher to build their community with the contribution of their teachings and learning

About Yoga Angels International

Yoga Angels International's practice is built on


We teach from a solid foundation encouraging students to work from their foundation, build on it, constantly go back to it, stabilize from it, explore it, and get to know it eventually becoming it.


Observing what you really see, really looking and noticing. We encourage teachers to develop caring eyes and let go of critical eyes. It’s about looking honestly at yourself and others to give the best guidance.


We encourage people to recognize when they need support to reach out and get it and then use it well.


YA program is about making your yoga a business that flourishes and continues to support and develop you. It is about manifesting the life you want for yourself inside and out while assisting others to do the same.


We cultivate authenticity in our trainers who then share this authenticity with their students. Being authentic to who you are and what you want to do.


Our approach is about nurturing people where they are, accepting them, and helping them to grow in ways they want to. Pushing people to nurture their true selves and let them develop and shine.

What’s the numbers

Yoga Angels International has been around for almost 3 decades. During this time we have the pleasure of impacting countless families, right across the globe. To give a picture, we tried to document the numbers for you.
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What people say about us
  • Hey, Subhadra. Thank you for yet another great class. You are a master of dropping bombshells on your students! First the yesterday class and then today the teaching practice. 🙂

    I definitely had a lot more trouble convincing my body today to use the right muscles when I needed it. Your yesterday class reminded me that I need to work on my strength and stamina as well as my stability, flexibility and overall fitness. I am glad I found you again, as I’ve been looking those past years for a “replacement teacher”. I‘ve wrapped myself in lots of fear and given up on my exercise completely, but I feel the fear is leaving bit by bit with every lesson I take. It feels invigorating and liberating. So, thank you.

    Lenka Cvancarova
  • One of the best investments in myself I have ever made was Yoga Angels Teacher Trainings. It not only deepened & refreshed the foundations of my practice, I learned so much about myself. Learning how to teach was really just a byproduct of all the other gifts of the training. This training shifted my perspective on life. My yoga practice has developed into something I can practice off of the mat in my everyday life. The greatest blessing from my experience is the community surrounding Yoga Angels. I love the diverse offerings & inclusivity. It is truly a unique community. I highly recommend teachers training with Yoga Angels to anyone & everyone.

    Kelly Fitzgerald

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