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Children’s Yoga

Children’s Yoga in Schools

Yoga Angels International currently teaches yoga in the Beverly Hills school district. We also served the Los Angeles Unified School district and have been teaching yoga to children in schools since 1997. Our children’s yoga classes are designed as a performance with live drums and music, as the children learn challenging yoga poses in a fun and adventurous way!

Yoga Angels Programs

(YAP) exemplifies the principles and practices for the “individual child” with a concentrated focus on the Pre-School and K-12 classroom. The techniques learned in this program endure throughout the duration of his/her lifespan to create Young and Progressive children (YAP).

These classes are a “proactive program” that helps channel our students into productive pursuits and helps prevent harmful behaviors from developing. Our programs meet the needs of ethnically diverse children, guiding them into becoming responsible adults. The long-term impact portends a healthier society for all. One that is mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically balanced.

Please email info@yogaangels.com to start a program for children, or to create a staff program for your coaches and teachers. We also do at home, private and group children’s yoga classes. We are experts at designing fun and exciting children’s yoga programs, with positive, long- lasting effects on their future development.

Yoga was cool and a lot of fun for me and my friends.

Age 11


I feel great, relax, better and stronger. I will do another class for sure…

Age 7

Kis Classes

Yoga is like gymnastic because we do head stand and bridges.

Age 8