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Healing Video: Filling the Arms with Energy

Press your feet into the two blocks. Press your thigh bones down into the blankets towards the floor. Tighten the muscles into the legs, tighten them. Grip them to the bone and keep flattening the legs down towards the floor.

Press above the knee and below the knee. Down to the pillow. Press the inner knee outer knee down to the pillow.

And then take the arms forward, shoulder height. Breathe in the nose, breathe out the nose, turn the palms to the ceiling from the tricep muscle, the underside of the arm, and stretch through the fingertips and the skin of the palms stiffen in the bones of the arms.

Bring the arms up to the ceiling from the back of the arms. I’m assisting John here, to bring sensation in the tricep area, to support the shoulder. Breathe through the nose, and the triceps moves into the bone and you reach the arms up and lift the waist up, as you press the legs down.

You can see John has some area in his left arm that is restricting the shoulders; restricting the lift of the arm. That’s okay.

Extend the arms forward. Stiffen the bone. And release them down. That is a lot of sufficient realignment in the nervous system. A lot of fresh blood pumping to the heart and lungs. And a lot of new breath flowing through the body …


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Healing Video: Lengthen the Body

Feet, wide as your hips. Toes turned forward and face the wall. Press the feet down, open the toes and straighten the legs. The palms are on the wall, by your waist, in a right angle with your elbows.

Press the palms to the wall, and lift the chest up the wall, pushing you back into the chest. Legs pressed back, chest lifted up. Legs going back away from the wall.  Abdomen relaxed as you breathe in and out the nose. Then begin to walk the feet away from the wall, and create a big L. The right angle in your arms become the big right angle with your waist.

Feet is as wide as the hips. And it doesn’t matter the curvature in your back.  What matters is that you’re working to begin to get length in the side of your waist. To flatten the back. We can bend the knees and push the hip back to get more length out of the side of the body.

This is now the poles reversed from laying on the floor to standing up. Lift up your ten toes and bend the knees a little more.  Bend the knees and breathe. Lift up your toes and bend the knees. Bend them a lot. And then push the hip back so we can get up into the back.

And gently look at the floor breathing in the nose, out the nose. Straighten the waist. Push your buttocks back. Push your outer hips back and walk to the wall. Once you start to lose their hands, you’ve overworked. And breathe. Breathe in, and out the nose. Hands on the wall. Stay connected to the wall. And suffer the breath. And relax your belly.

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Healing Video: Relieving Spinal Pressure

Turning your toes straight forward, and feet shoulder distance apart, press the feet down and straighten your spine against the wall.

Notice that the feet are not against the wall. The heels are out away from the wall as much as you need it, so it feels like your spine is completely laying on the wall.

Again, it doesn’t matter the degree of curvature. It just means you need to walk your feet further forward and allow the support of the wall to hold. Press the feet down, lift your toes up. Keep the toes up.

Have the arches of the feet become alive and lifted. But we keep the four corners of the feet pressing down as the arches lift up. This will fire up the legs, grip the muscles of the bones of the legs and push the bones of the legs back towards the wall from the front to the back.

And then begin to lift the spine and breathe in your abdomen, softly, and breathe and gaze straight ahead.

Look at one spot and just breathe fully, openly, lovingly, and extend your arms from the inner wrist to the fingertips and grip the triceps. Push it against the bicep and the humorous bone make the arms alive and extended all the way through the tips of the fingers.

Lift up the chest from the back, pushing to the chest and you surrender in the spine straight back into the wall as the hard rise and open across the lungs.

Breathe, please release the arms down and relax the breath. Relax the eyes. Relax the belly. Receive the breath.

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