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World Class Teachers


Yoga Angels International has some of the world’s top teachers providing weekly classes to eager students. When you participate in one of classes, workshops or training, you are in healing hands.



With over twenty one years of apprenticeship, master teacher Subhadra Bowman moves effortlessly between workshops,  teacher training, adult and children classes. Her journey incorporates vinyasa, ashtanga, kundalini, bhakti and metaphysics.  Subhadra finds fun ways to inspire and empower through her teachings.



Jennifer completed her teacher  certifications through Yoga Angels International (2014) and SHAKTI (2011).  Her extensive experience includes  teaching yoga through corporate wellness, private classes and juvenile  programs. She is also owner of JIVAL Yoga Studio in Portmore, Jamaica. When Jennifer is not on the mat guiding  or practicing she is actively involved with other yoga related projects.


A natural traveller, Hado’s passion for helping persons discover purpose and authenticity has taken him across the length  and breath of Jamaica and to other countries as well. His yoga pursuit first started in 2005, and through Subhadra’s tutelage in 2008 he has been teaching Iyengar and other forms such as Kriya and Kundalini. Hado is passionate about the therapeutic benefits of massage and meditation.


Joni first discovered yoga sixteen years ago as a means to treat chronic back pain. A trained teacher who has taught  teenagers and adults for more than a decade, she joined her passions and became a yoga instructor. Joni Gocool is  grounded in the belief that through the practice of yoga persons can find liberation from physical, emotional and  psychological pain. Joni currently is exploring the world of aromatherapy and the healing properties of scents and oils.


Ann Marie’s love for meditation and yoga is no casual short term affair. Having experienced the fruits of joy and peace  produced by this union; she has fully committed herself through certification. Guided by the principles of Tao the Ching she  strives to share with those she interacts with. Deeply self aware, Ann Marie Grant has a passion for balance and purity and  brings that to her practitioners every chance she gets.


Ainsley Chuck has been a practicing yogi for years.  Ainsley’s classes are infused with his laid back,  insightful approach but are deceptively challenging for  the practitioner. Ainsley is also deeply passionate about  motor cars.


An oversized appetite for fun and living best describes Andrea Molnar’s approach to her classes. She  challenges her practitioners by incorporating various  disciplines in her classes. Andrea hails from Hungary  and received her Hatha training in India. She has been a  practicing yogi since 2013 and a teacher for over two  years.


Fred Reinbin found yoga through fitness over ten years ago. As his practice deepened he connected with yoga’s potential  to heal and understand ourselves. His teachings are grounded in personal experience. Fred is a lover of the great outdoors  and harmonizes his love through hiking, camping and biking.