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Emily Hardy

Emily Hardy

Lead Teacher Trainer


Originally from England, I took my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training in Jamaica in 2010 under the tutelage of Subhadra Bowman. Subhadra has been the biggest influence in my yoga journey, installing a foundation of Iyengar-style language and adjustments to ensure that my yoga is accessible and enjoyable for all my students.

Over the next three years I apprenticed to Subhadra, developing and delivering the Yoga Angels Teacher Training Program.

After six years of living in Jamaica my travels took me to Nepal, where I spent 18 months developing my teaching and deepening my mediation practice. I found my new spiritual home at Pranamaya Yoga Studio in Kathmandu, where I appreciated learning and discovering with the community. Leading my students on retreats in the foothills of the Himalayas was an unforgettable experience.

In Nepal I was able to experience yoga in a whole new dimension. It was no longer something practiced on a mat or in a studio but permeated the fabric of society. I was grateful for the opportunity to live in a culture where Namaste is the daily greeting, where shrines to Shiva are on every street corner, and statues of Ganesh and Hanuman abound. Kathmandu is a vibrant city where the people practice Bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion, at the temples and in their own homes every morning, adorning shrines with rice and flowers. It is a place where Buddhism and Hinduism are intertwined and practiced as a way of life, where you are greeted by Saddhus and share tea with orange-robed monks.

After Kathmandu, my travels took me to New Delhi and I spent 18 months travelling around India on a more personal journey. I explored teachings in Buddhism, Ayurveda and yoga spiritual practices. In 2015 I completed my 300 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training with Chandra Yoga in Rishikesh. Here I was also delighted to teach a 200 Teacher Training Program with Dr Sushil of Chandra Yoga. 

To spend time in the spiritual home of yoga, among the vibrations left by thousands of meditations, was inspirational. In Bodh Gaya, where the Buddha found enlightenment, I received instruction on the concepts of Boddhicitta; achieving enlightenment for the sake of all sentient being. Although there are fundamental differences between yoga and Buddhism, practitioners of both believe that the truth can be found by stilling the mind and listening to the inner self. The path of meditation is not an easy one but a physical yoga practice helps make that path accessible.

In May 2016 I returned to England and have enjoyed bringing my practice and experiences to my own community. During this period I have maintained contact with the Yoga Angels community and was in Jamaica in late 2019 and early 2020 teaching a 200 TTP with Subhadra. It was a magical experience to be back in my yoga home among a people I admire and who inspire me. 

I am truly excited about the evolvement of Yoga Angels TTP to an online platform and am thrilled to be able to learn with people on this platform.

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