+1-310-601-6592 Mon-Sun : 08:00 - 20:00 EST
+1-310-601-6592 Mon-Sun : 08:00 - 20:00 EST
Subhadra is a wellness expert of 28 years presenting her clients with awareness of wellness lifestyle and the workplace. Her mind and body program positively changes her clients’ lives. Clients renew, refresh, and rebalance themselves mentally and physically. Gaining control of their weight, immune system, and focus in life.  A total transformation and reconstruction of health and wealth. Subhadra succeeds at her goal to have her clients in better shape and state of mind when they leave than when they arrived.

Private Group Wellness Session

Well-Being Sessions




Wellness Services

(You can Mix and Match to Customised)

Speaker / Presenter Wellness Lifestyle Entrepreneurship & Family

Curate Your Retreat & Wellness Events

Meditation /Visualization

Breath Control – Pranayamas

Joint Release- Focus on Joint care

Flow & Glow Yoga (Alignment Flow)

6.9 Flow- yoga to a rhythm of 3 breaths, 6 reps focusing on 9 poses

Sweat & Burn Flow- Rhythmic flow to Drums playlist

Reggae Yoga Vibes – Yoga with a reggae playlist

Whine to Unwind – Reggae dance moves and yoga fusion (hips and back focus)

Simple Basic Stretches

Fitness Training – Cardio, Abs, Weights & Yoga combo

Nutrition & Detox/Cleanse guidance

Healing Circles (Women/Men/Hybrid)