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Teacher Training


Teaching Teachers to Support their Communities

We offer superb education and loving support to our teachers, encouraging them to infuse yoga into their lives, community and society.  We believe the best way to learn how to be a great yoga practitioner and teacher is by developing your yoga practice and being authentic to your experiences and teachings. Through Yoga Angels program you will study with our experienced teacher trainers and guest teachers


  • To learn how to teach a standard yoga class including opening and closing a class
  • To know the Categories of postures
  • Sequence writing for a 60 to 90 minutes class
  • Knowing the difference between Foundation & Details in a pose and how to teach and build upon them
  • Correct Pacing and Adjustment for the students present in your class
  • Modification of postures using Props
  • Yoga Language & its application-Finding the teachers voice and Learning the yoga language to get direction clearly across to your class
  • Asanas Sanskrit & English names and root words
  • Teaching Postures Individually (Iyengar style) how, when, where applicable and appropriate
  • Teaching postures linked in a flow. (Vinyasana base) how, when, where applicable and appropriate
  • Using Proactive & Preventative method as safety and protective measures to create harmony in body and mind
  • Learning the principles of teaching and how to implement them during class.
  • You will be equipped to teach a structured 60 or 90 minutes align yoga class honoring safety and protection guidelines.
  • Sequence writing is approached from a prescription perspective honoring proper dosage for health improvement.
  • Learn how to create a balance yoga sequence appropriate for your students to enhance health and wellbeing.
  • The eight limbs of yoga are taught to be embodied within each asana class taught.