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+1-310-601-6592 Mon-Sun : 08:00 - 20:00 EST
Yoga Angels Wellness Retreat
Zanzibar, Tanzania
August 15 – September 24, 2023

Release The Peace

Wellness Retreat in Zanzibar

This retreat is about celebrating Health and Rewiring our brain patterns to increase Healing and Wealthy behaviors while learning how to balance both aspects of our lives. We will observe and witness our deeper view of health and wealth. We learn how to listen, hear and program our inner voice recordings that create our daily life activities and choices. Using daily yoga meditation, breathwork, and visualization to identify if we have healthy and wealthy habits and change releasing or increasing them. We will discover easy and simple things we can do to seal the gap in both areas of our lives to be healthy and wealthy. Identifying the views that hold us apart from balancing both health and wealth and changing the script that makes up our blueprint to a healthier and wealthier perspective and lifestyle.

Two yoga classes daily with meditation, visualization, fitness activities, etc. at sunrise and sunset. We will have the best vegetarian and raw meals available made by a private chef. We encourage you to take these days for purifying the body and giving it the best and healthiest food which we will provide and educate you about. Your food is made fresh daily providing 3 meals per day. You can make special requests to suit your desires and dietary needs especially if it’s associated with any medical condition. Selections can be made from an extensive menu that varies from vegetarian to non-vegetarian however we invite you to aim for being light and eating light food with live nutrients.

We would like you to experience yourself eating to live and not living to eat.

Time & Activity
 06:00 am RiseShine
 06:30 am Yogi Tea Time
 06:45 am Meditation / Pranayama / Affirmation / Chanting
 07:15 am Sun Salutation A+B, Standing Poses, Inversions, Backbends, Forward Bends, Twist
 08:15 am Yoga Anatomy
 09:00 am Break Our Fast With Breakfast
 10:00 am Yoga Philosophy & Digestion
 11:00 am Training Skills Methodology/Alignment
 01:00 pm Lunch
 02:30 pm Training Skills Methodology/Alignment
 04:30 pm Yoga Angels Self Practice
 06:30 pm – Sequencing Assignments Yoga
 7:00 pm Dinner