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Yoga Benefits for Arthritis

Mind-body movement practices are receiving a great deal of attention recently especially since the world has realized how easily we can become ill. For many adults, yoga is a safe and effective way to increase physical activity. Beginner yoga classes provide simple, gentle movements that gradually build strength, balance, and flexibility – all elements that may be especially beneficial for people with arthritis. Let’s discuss how yoga can be beneficial to you if you have arthritis.

Improves physical function

According to Dr. Kolasinski, “Yoga can enhance pain management, thereby improving function”. Individuals who have arthritis and implement yoga in their lifestyle will eventually see an improved physical function. Then generally notice that their pain has decreased and that they can move around more easily. 

Improves flexibility

Yoga can also be beneficial to individuals with stiff joints caused by arthritis. Generally, stretching exercises help to improve range of motion. Therefore, when you stretch your body in yoga will help with flexibility. This can also be of great help for those who are sexually active but suffer from arthritis.

Helps you stay active

On the days when you are experiencing a painful flare up from arthritis, try doing your yoga (if possible). It will help you maintain joint flexibility.

Creates mind-body connection

Yoga emphasizes on finding the source of your pain or anxiety and finding a way to relax them. Therefore, it is useful for those who have arthritis flare ups. You will find that you develop communication with your body.

Improving RA symptoms 

A study conducted by Dubai Bone and Joint Center in the United Arab Emirates confirmed that yoga can aid in improving rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. The study observed the effects of doing yoga on a bi-weekly basis and it was reported that there were significant improvements in how the diseases’ activity in their bodies. It is the continuous gentle movement of the parts of the body through yoga that eases RA pain.

Reduces inflammation

There are specific moves that can ease different types of chronic pain including pain caused by RA. The movement in yoga helps you in keeping flexible, active and lowers stress levels. This also leads to better sleep and a good rest at night makes managing pain easier the following day. 

Do you have rheumatoid arthritis or experience symptoms like those who have it? Please feel encouraged to book your private session with Yoga Angels Founder and holistic healer, Subhadra. For more than two and half decades Subhadra has worked with countless persons internationally helping them to move pains and aches from their physical, mental and emotional bodies. Subhadra specializes in remedies for head & backaches, arthritis, asthma, sciatica, strokes, and headaches and helps her clients on their path to health and wellness. 

We will be happy to help ease the effects of your arthritis.  

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