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Yoga, The Solution to a Stressful Life

In a world that is riddled by routes that easily leads to stress, we have a simple solution: yoga. The word yoga originated from the Sanskrit word “yuji”. “Yuji” means to unite. This union speaks to the merging of our individual self with our supreme self.

Learning about ourselves and how we deal with stress helps us to deal with stressful situations when they come. If stress is getting the best of you, you might want to get your mat and give yoga a try. Let’s discuss how practicing yoga could be the solution to your stressful life. 

Yoga postures (Asanas)

As previously mentioned, yoga postures help to relieve stress. Here are some asanas that you can practice daily:


This is a cross-legged posture that eases and retains a state of alert. With repeated practice, this pose will aid in strengthening your back and torso.


Uttan-asanan is pose that helps to relax the mind and the body while pushing you to submit to gravity. It also helps to improve the flexibility of your back and strengthens behind your spine, thighs, and hips. 


This posture of kneeling and relaxing the muscles of your calf, ankle and feet is very impactful. It is also a pleasant pose for meditation.


This resting posture is perfect for your nervous system and lower back. Bal-asana soothes your mind and releases tension.


As complicated as this pose name is, it is actually very simple. It is a perfect stretch for your lower back, hamstrings, and spine. It will help to alleviate tension and exhaustion in your mind and body. 

Breathing exercises (Pranayama)

There are many health benefits associated with deliberately controlling our breathing. Breathing exercises give signals to our brain that everything is alright. Prananyama slows the heartbeat, facilitates the complete exchange of oxygen, and helps to reduce our blood pressure. This process aids our body and mind to tackle stress in a more structured way.

When you begin practicing yoga, truly listen to your body. If a pose is uncomfortable, don’t do it. Excellent instructors understand that everyone is different and here at Yoga Angels International, our instructors will encourage you to explore the best poses for you. If you would like help with managing your stress, sign up for our yoga classes today! 

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