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Blended Styles

Blended styles of Yoga Workout and Meditation that suits everyone.


Pro Teacher Trainers

Our program features Professional Yoga Instructors from around the world. 


Quality Content

All our classes are well planned and streamlined by Professional Yoga Instructors and is accredited by Yoga Alliance. 

Popular Online Classes

We adopt a holistic approach in the way we offer our yoga classes and trainings. Our programs are centered on the foundation of our teachings of our postures where we focus on protecting the risk areas (joints) and infusing the details to achieve freedom in the body, mind and spirit.
Our foundation is

Iyengar and Vinyasana Flow Teachings

Our method derives from the foundation of Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow teachings. Our style can be described as a perfect balance of alignment and flow emanating poise and Grace. Vinyasa is often thought of as a flow of yogasana frequently associated with Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar), flow yoga and jumpings. Vinyasa is often practiced to mark new beginnings. In Astadala Yogamala (Vol. 2), Guruji writes: “The word vinyasa has two parts. Vi means separating or disjuncting and nyasa means placing or putting down. Vinyasa means separating and putting down or placing in a sequential order.”

Our Instructors

We have a pool of over 100 hundred instructors and teacher trainers that share wellness across the world, digitally, and physically. Regardless of where in the world you are, we are ready to support your wellness journey.

Our programmes are Yoga Alliance certified

Inspired Articles
Modern postural yoga consists largely but not exclusively of the practice of asanas. There were very few standing asanas before 1900. By 2012, there were at least 19 widespread styles.


What people say about us
  • One of the best investments in myself I have ever made was Yoga Angels Teacher Trainings. It not only deepened & refreshed the foundations of my practice, I learned so much about myself. Learning how to teach was really just a byproduct of all the other gifts of the training. This training shifted my perspective on life. My yoga practice has developed into something I can practice off of the mat in my everyday life. The greatest blessing from my experience is the community surrounding Yoga Angels. I love the diverse offerings & inclusivity. It is truly a unique community. I highly recommend teachers training with Yoga Angels to anyone & everyone. 

    Kelly Fitzgerald
  • Hey, Subhadra. Thank you for yet another great class. You are a master of dropping bombshells on your students! First the yesterday class and then today the teaching practice. 🙂

    I definitely had a lot more trouble convincing my body today to use the right muscles when I needed it. Your yesterday class reminded me that I need to work on my strength and stamina as well as my stability, flexibility and overall fitness. I am glad I found you again, as I’ve been looking those past years for a “replacement teacher”. I‘ve wrapped myself in lots of fear and given up on my exercise completely, but I feel the fear is leaving bit by bit with every lesson I take. It feels invigorating and liberating. So, thank you.

    Lenka Cvancarova

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